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10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So ​​New You in 2016’s

10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So New You in 2016's

TrivanaNews.com10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So New You in 2016’s Last week MBDC’s already discussed tuh classic WWE diva who once you pujas. Well since most already in retirement, then you need to really dikenalin same-diva diva new stage which now adorn the WWE. Moreover, WWE diva diva-which is now more complete fighting abilities and not just ngandalin doang sex appeal. Who wrote them, yuk immediately wrote scrutiny.

10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So New You in 2016’s


10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So New You in 2016's

Initially Emma is a professional wrestler who began his career in the independent circuit, a sort of competition created wrestler wrestling ring minor-wrestler nyari so flying hours. Continue his career debut in the WWE created in 2011 in Florida Championship Wrestling and he immediately followup Battle Royal. And that makes the WWE lovers dance movenya Emma gemes is super awkward in NXT Universe.

Summer Rae

10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So New You in 2016's

Summer Rae often really so rival Emma in NXT Dance Battle. But mostly Summer Rae is already joged real intentions even bullied at joged origins asalannya Emma. Already so it looks like the audience was even more happy together movementnya dibandingin Emma Summer Rae. I think Summer Rae and charming appearance on WWE Raw Event Fandango not enough for Emma ngalahin madness.

Eden Stiles

10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So New You in 2016's

He began his career as a ring announcer, Eden initially use its original name Brandi fitting debut in FCW House Show 2011. Not until a year so the ring announcer, Eden chose ninggalin first WWE world. But I think weve Eden can not long be separated from the WWE ring, because in 2013 he was back again and immediately dapet duty on NXT. Eden eventually married professional wrestler Cody Rhodes or maybe you’re more familiar with him as Stardust. Although more time splurging on the side of the ring, Eden actually never participated wrestled in the event Battle Royal, unfortunately there he dikalahin at Sonia. Yes already hell-burble burble mending again wrote.


10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So New You in 2016's

If you’d been wondering why are discussed only diva who champion the same ngedance commentator wrote, then now is the answer you are looking for. Asuka began his career on the number of events wrestling wrestling in Japan using the stage name Kana. Continue classy reputation he had built over the past ten years in Japan finally ngebawa Asuka stage to WWE. Thanks to a combination of kicks and bantingannya very varied, now Asuka so titleholders NXT Women’s Championship in 2016. Cool again Asuka also works as a freelance graphic designer and often make a review of the video games.

Eva Marie

10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So New You in 2016's

What most people remember about Eva Marie is a bright red hair and her performance in WWE Total Divas in which she dared to slap Jerry Lawler. Furthermore, there is not too special heck of Eva Marie because she is more often involved in Tag Team. The latest pair Eva Marie today is Nia Jax incorporated in Power Alliance. Inversely proportional to the WWE ring, a career as a model Eva Marie even sold with many appearing in various magazines such as Maxim, Import Tuner, rukus, Glam Fit to Sports Illustrated.


10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So New You in 2016's

WWE Diva Search Competition 2006 was really opened the door a career in the world of wrestling entertainment Maryse after she mostly follow a modeling contest. Skill is not so bad plus make a determination and a little crafty Maryse cepet skyrocketed over the WWE ring. Maryse is also listed as one of the WWE Divas Championship belt holder longest, who was then succeeded him pertahanin for seven months. Sempet romantically involved with Yoshi Tatsu, Lucky Cannon, and Hornswoggle, Maryse finally chose The Miz as the companion of his life to date.


10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So New You in 2016's

At the initial appearance in WWE, Paige often get ribbing as Anti Diva for pale skin and makeup gothicnya. But I think it really does make Paige influence not because he directly ngerebut Divas Title in a debut. Paige already so that dikalahin fitting ngerebut Divas Championship also do not mess around, Paige numbangin domination AJ Lee Paige at the age of only 21 years. Record as the youngest reigning Divas Paige also equipped with so the first person to menangin NXT Women’s Championship. In addition to the first, Paige also be the longest since successfully mertahanin title undefeated for 308 days.

Sasha Banks

10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So New You in 2016's

Young female wrestlers are still the same cousin Snoop Dogg began his career of Chaotic Wrestling with the stage name Mercedes KV. Then after he contracted at the WWE and diterjunin for NXT then turned into a stage name Sasha Banks. In 2015, Banks ngebikin Team B.A.D (which means Beautiful and Dangerous) in unison at Naomi and Tamina. But not long after the integrity of Team B.A.D broke after Sasha has declared that she was his boss. I think weve not a lasting friendship on stage WWE yes.


10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So New You in 2016's

One more new competitive wrestler who makes his debut in 2012 and now already become the holder of the WWE Women’s Championship belt. Charlotte career that quickly soared not too diheranin because she is the daughter of Ric Flair which is World Champions 16 times. Sempet make the team along with Paige and Becky Lynch, Charlotte PCBnya team so competitors who make Team Bella and Team B.A.D can not anymore go around in the ring. But lately anyway Charlotte more involved in the rivalry at Natalya, especially about matters title fight.

The Bella Twins

10 Diva WWE Idol Ready So New You in 2016's


Which consists of a twin sister Brie Bella and Nikki Bella is initially not aspire to create your own professional wrestler but even professional soccer player. But because of a foot injury Nikki, Brie eventually replace ngajakin he created so players wrestling profession. Sempet failed in the WWE Diva Search 2006, The Bella Twins first forged in the event FCW before finally coming back and steal the show in the WWE ring. Each of the Bella Twins WWE Divas ever ngerasain League title and make sempet Team Bella with Alicia Fox. But since recently Brie nebar codes that he wanted to retire, think ahead Nikki must fend for themselves by relying Rack Attack is so finishing movesnya. Approximately Nikki capable of what actually follow retire yak?

How, WWE diva who now do not lose cool at the first right. Btw where ya idol you and who you prediksiin going to be a legend in the future? Try it you please state in the comments field. Eh but do not forget ngedip yes.

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