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10 Korean artists Latest Islam Religion

Trivana News – 10 Korean artists Latest Islam Religion | Korean Artist Religion Islam – Fever Korea seems today still prevalent in Indonesia. This is evident from the enthusiasm of the young-Mudai flocking menyaksikkan concerts, held K-pop in Indonesia. Not only that, Korean dramas are still selling well and compete closely with various Indian drama on screen.

Not only witnessed various treats offered the role of the State of the art player ginseng alone, fans in Indonesia is also seeking information regarding the idol artist. No exception information on religious affiliations. Here is a list of Korean artists are Muslims who probably will make your heart so joyous.

Artist and Best Actor Islamic Religious Korea

1. Jung Il Woo

Jung Il Woo

Do you still remember the main actors who starred in the drama titled Flower Boy Ramen Shop? yes, your guess is a correct, handsome and charming actor named Jung Il Woo is said to have converted to Islam and entered the ranks of Korean artists are Muslim.

His acting is very interesting plays and also his good looks that have captivated many hearts have no doubt make many women in Indonesia is increasingly idolized since converted to Islam. However, there has been no clear confirmation of this actor if he converted to Islam or not.

2. Jang Geun Suk

Jang Geun Suk

Next on the Korean artist Islamic religion which many fans are so shocked to hear the news that the actor who entered the ranks of the most handsome actors in Korea, embraced Islam. Reportedly, Jang Geun Suk has converted to Islam since 2007.

The handsome actor who had collided with Park Shin Hye’s role in the Korean drama titled Pretty Man also has not heard nothing about his conversion this. There are no definite news that says the truth or its denial.

3. Lee Ki Woo

Lee Ki Woo

The handsome actor who played along with Jung Il Woo in Drama Korea Flower Boy Ramen Shop has ensured him to become an actor ranks of Muslims. Korean artists a Muslim is increasingly attract many fans. With shady face, polite behavior and good looks also made a lot more hardcore fans.

4. Han Ga In

Han Ga In

Korean artists coming from other Muslim beautiful woman born on February 25th, 1982 named Han Ga In. Many thought that the beautiful actress this one converted to Islam while he was fasting.Han Ga In

However, it is not clear whether his fast news is because she is on a diet or start the teachings of Islam. However, according to many outstanding news was true artist who has a body and a pretty face, embraced Islam.

5. Lee Won Jae

Lee Won Jae

Lee Won Jae an Islamic religious figure of the artist in Korea that included important figures for the state of South Korea. Men who have birth 26 April 1973 This is the pride of football team goalkeeper who managed to bring Korea to the semifinals at the time. Not only that, it turns out Lee Won Jae are also one of the Korean public figures who have been Muslim since 2004.

Development of Islam in Korea is very rapidly so attracted to studying Islam. In the end, Lee decided to become converts. Some great stories about Lee also unheard of for example he remains abstinent when football competition takes place or obedience Lee in performing prayer 5 times always does.

6. Breanna One

Breanna One

Korean celebrities Islamic religion that now is not just a movie player, he also became the cover of a magazine or a model, and besides, she is famous for Selegram (celebrity instagram). He is a Breanna Youn.

The lovely lady Korean new age of 5 years and you need to know that the followers are already more than 1 million people, amazing right? His mother, who originally posted the photos and videos humor her daughter at first did not think that her daughter would be admired by many people from all over the world. Even if the IG Breanna page is not updated, then his mother said he often terrorized by the fans.

Breanna kemualafan journey began when he and his family were invited to the event to Dubai by fans. And finally, a post explained that Breanna and families today have embraced Islam since May 2015 yesterday. Finally they were leaving Korea and is now living in the city of Dubai.

7. Ayana Jihye Moon

Moon existence Jihye a former girl band personnel Muslim and now aged 20. Many reported that he had converted to Islam. In his personal Instagram account, beautiful virgin Korean uploaded a photo wearing a beautiful veil and holding a Koran. Even some of the print media in Malaysia also cover stories about the candidate university student Islam Malaysia, which has become a convert.

Many netizens admire the beauty Ayana since converted to Islam, coupled with a bandage hijab style that is always attached to him. No doubt, he has become the dream guy fans was thrilled with the Islamic style.

8. Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee is an actress next Moslem ever crowned the most beautiful actress in South Korea. He reported also have embraced the religion of Islam, it is proved in the coverage of a youtube video which instantly electrify among netizens. Even so, there has been no official confirmation of the lover of the singer Bi Rain which is said to be married.

So, you as fans is certainly very curious, right? whether it is now Kim Tae Hee has converted to Islam? We await the latest news.

9. Choi Jin Hyuk

Choi Jin Hyuk termsuk one male artist of Moslem further have good looks which he became popular after playing the brother of Lee Min Ho in a Korean drama series “The Heirs”. He preached in various Korean media that he had converted to Islam. But the actor who starred in “Fated to Love You” also have not confirmed directly about their religious identity today.

10. Lee Donghae

Korean actor Religion IslamLee Donghae is one of the personnel that Suju or Korean boyband Super Junior. He is reported to have converted to Islam when this handsome artist uploading a greeting “Happy Eid Day” through his personal Instagram account. But unfortunately, just as Kim Tae Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk that there has been no official media confirmed this news.

Well, That’s some Korean artists are Muslim. Do any of the four of the artist who is your idol? For the lovers do not miss ya Korea Latest Korea and Best Film in 2017 that you must watch.

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