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3 Countries Scariest Create Tourists

Trivana News3 Countries Scariest Create Tourists With a range of beauty and uniqueness, the earth turns slowly turned into a scary place for humans. Not surprisingly, many countries have also turned scary for the tourists.

CNN Money page launched on Saturday (04/06/2016), millions of tourists in the world would have a dream to visit the unique objects such as the Pyramids in Egypt or a beautiful place on the coast of Tunisia. Unfortunately, the terrorist threat makes dissuade many tourists to vacation in some countries.

3 Countries Scariest Create Tourists

3 Countries Scariest Create Tourists

3 Countries Scariest Create Tourists

Bombings and shootings and the kidnapping of tourists in recent indeed rife in some countries prone to war. Here are the three scariest country for tourists from around the world:

1. Egypt

Bright prospects in Egypt’s vital tourism industry is now increasingly fade after a number of aircraft accidents occur there. Not only that, political tensions continue to flare up also makes dissuade many tourists to visit Egypt.

The number of visits per year peaked at over 14 million in 2010. But since the plane crash occurred, only about 9 million visits are recorded.

The number of tourists to Egypt are also predicted to continue to decline this year. Company research firm Euromonitor International, said the number of tourists to Egypt slumped by 46 percent in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the same time last year.

“The government should reassure tourists that the country is safe enough to be visited and the government will ensure the safety of tourists,” said senior travel specialist at Euromonitor International Nadejda Popova.

3 Countries Scariest Create Tourists

2. Tunisia

A small country that lies between Syria and Algeria is facing a decrease in international tourists to nearly 20 percent in the first quarter of 2016. The decline has followed the sudden terrorist attack on a number of tourists.

ISIS claimed responsibility for scores of deadly attacks that occur. The first attack occurred in March 2015 in renowned museums that killed more than 20 people.

The second attack in June 2015 in which a terrorist bombard the tourists with fire and killed 38 tourists, mostly British citizens.

“Tourists will come back to Tunisia, but now the country is experiencing a difficult time in which people began losing jobs,” said CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council David Scowsill.

3 Countries Scariest Create Tourists

3. Turkey

According to the World Tourism Organization, Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world and received 40 million tourists last year. But the number continues according to this year after the issue of terrorism spread and their political disputes with Russia.

As a first step, Russia banned its citizens traveling to Turkey after Turkish air strike Russia late last year. Do not half-tanggun, Putin prohibiting Russian citizens visiting there.

In fact, Russia is the country’s largest contributor to the two tourists to Turkey. With the ban, the number continues to decrease up to five million people.

In addition, the bombings in Istanbul that resulted in multiple deaths convince tourists of Europe such as Germany and the UK for a vacation to another country. Germany and Britain are the largest contributors to the Turkish travelers.

3 Countries Scariest Create Tourists

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