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30 How to website load speed up WordPress

Trivana News – 30 How to website load speed up WordPress, 30 Powerful Ways Your Website WordPress Loading Speed – There are many ways to speed up loading website for you who use WordPress, you may have already read a variety of ways to speed up your website loading of various articles on the internet. But is that enough? hm … apparently not.

30 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

30 How to website load speed up WordPress

30 How to website load speed up WordPress

The following is a summary of the tricks that can be a reference for you if you want to speed up WordPress site you optimally, actually it’s not just for WordPress but could be for any kind of website, you only need to look to know some more about the tricks we mentioned this on Internet.

Here are 30 main points to consider.

  1. Using caching plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.
  2. Do not use too many CSS files, JavaScript files, and reducing the use of images.
  3. Compress your CSS and JS files.
  4. If something can be done with CSS than using images, then do with CSS, for example, simply create shadow effects can now be with CSS.
  5. Call your CSS file at the top (inside the head) and call your Javascript files end section (before tag /body).
  6. Do not use Flash
  7. Use a quality web hosting
  8. If your fund is large enough, select a web hosting which is nice, and it’s better to use dedicated server or VPS rather than using shared hosting.
  9. Delete comment spam, because of burdensome load database .
  10. Do not use too many plugins. You also need to experiment to determine which plug-ins that might incriminate your website, if it finds there are aggravating then replace it with another alternative plugin is quite light.
  11. Compress your images. Applications such as ImageOptim can reduce the size of your images without compromising quality. This ImageOptim according to people who already use can minimize file size up to 25%.
  12. Use a quality theme, do not arbitrarily use the theme , theme premium multipurpose usually use a lot of jquery plugins for effects that are not too important. Not always premium theme was nice, maybe a nice term of how to view, yet not necessarily good for speed.
  13. If possible make your own theme you so that scripts written only required by your website only, no script is written, but it was not used.
  14. Use CSS sprite technique to reduce the number of image files on the load , is certainly speed up your site.
  15. Use CDN such as CloudFlare, Amazon CloudFront, Max CDN, etc.
  16. Do not use inline CSS.
  17. Use favicon, but use with small size, use the file icon, do png files.
  18. Use gzip compress. Many web hosts do this automatically, but if not, you can use a plugin like WP HTTP Compression plugin.
  19. Minimize redirection, be it meta, 301, or vice versa.
  20. Specify character set (HTML meta charset).
  21. Determine the dimensions of the image, you can set in wp-admin, including the size of the featured image to image.
  22. Do not use large image size in comparison with that you want to display on a webpage, so if you only need a picture template 100px size, do not use an image with a size of 200px or more.
  23. Decrease the size of a cookie, can check here
  24. Your database optimization, plugins like WP-DBManager or WP-Optimize can use.
  25. Always update your WordPress, WordPress usually always give notification if there is a recent change, it is useful also for the security of your website as usual bug fixes every update given.
  26. Use Feedburner for RSS (if you can not give a full article on feed so that visitors keep coming to your website to read the full article)
  27. Use Lazy Load plugin for the website displaying images that really needs to be displayed only.
  28. Take advantage of the excerpt to the optimum.
  29. Limit the number of revisions on a post, sometimes too often keep the revision is saved too much, you can use the plug-in revision control to manage it.
  30. Turn off pingback or trackback, sometimes this is not necessary as it would only satisfy your database.
    If you have difficulty in implementing the above methods you may need an expert in these issues, no need was a waste of energy taking care of the technical problem, just find the right person and certainly an expert.

Those are some tips that you can apply on the website WordPress , immediately make changes and see how it goes, if successful, please let us know so that we, if there are other tricks, in addition, please write in the comments so that our knowledge is increasing and that others could be helped by our experience.

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