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5 astonishing fact about Christopher Columbus

Trivana News5 astonishing fact about Christopher Columbus, On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus set foot on the surface of the white sands of a beach in the Bahamas. Instantly, this Genoese merchant flag unfurled the Kingdom of Spain and claimed the territory as the territory of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

Six centuries later, the United States commemorate the day of his birth in the form of a holiday called Columbus Day. Columbus Day which falls on October 12 each year is also celebrated in Spain in honor of exploration.

Such Agung Kah, Christopher Columbus? Some people think so. However, a more critical group disagrees. The rest does not matter. Clearly, there are 5 Unbelievable Facts about Christopher Columbus , who in the name of exploration vision, worth reading.

5 astonishing fact about Christopher Columbus

5 astonishing fact about Christopher Columbus

1. Columbus Proving that the Earth is round.

Forget the myth created by people of all ages Washington Irving until the time of Bugs Bunny that Columbus wanted to prove the earth was round. At the beginning of the sixth century BC, the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, had suspected that the earth is round.

Two centuries later, Aristotle supported through an astronomical approach which he elaborated. In 1492, people who are educated have learned that the planet earth is round.

The browsing main objective is none other than Christopher Columbus discovered the spice. In addition, he is also doing exploration missions to help Spain expand the colonies in order to win the competition against Portugal.

2. Columbus Not People Spain

Christopher Columbus was on a mission to the Kingdom of Spain. However, that does not mean he is a Spaniard. Before the proposal is accepted by the Spanish explorations, he had submitted it to Portugal, England, and France. However, they rejected it. It took several years for the Kingdom of Spain to finally willing to fund exploration of Columbus.

Moreover, it is not right also to say that Columbus was Italian. He was born in Genoa, but at that moment, Genoa is a country a republic. The Republic of Genoa established from the year 1005 until 1797. In the sixteenth century, the Republic of Genoa became a satellite state of Spain.

3. Feared Taino, dear Ferdinand

After his first voyage, Columbus was appointed as Viceroy (representative of the Kingdom) and the Governor of the Indies by capitulation Santa Fe. He is responsible for managing the Taino tribe colony on the island of Hispaniola, whose capital was established in Santo Domingo.

There are a series of views critical of the government of Columbus in Hispaniola. As long as he was governor, a native who does not collect enough gold to cut his hand. Anyone who rebelled against the Spanish executed on the gallows.

These conditions make the colony residents complained to the Kingdom. Responding to complaints colony, royal commissioners were sent to Hispaniola to capture Columbus in August 1500 and brought it back to Spain in chains circumstances. Although Columbus stripped as governor, King Ferdinand not only provide Genoese merchants have freedom, but also a subsidy for his fourth voyage.

Results from the core of government Columbus wars, slavery and slaughter fairly insane. Based on the record Bartolome De Las Casas ( History of the Indies ), Columbus government acts to eliminate 98 percent of the Taino tribe in Hispaniola.

4. ‘rescued’ by the Lunar Eclipse

In 1504, Columbus hopelessly stranded in Jamaica. At that time, he was abandoned by most of his crew. In addition, he also was not given food by the natives of Jamaica.

At that time, the lunar eclipse will occur. Columbus who had the knowledge and relied on astrology almanac in the navigation aware of the arrival of the phenomenon. To the residents of Jamaica, he said that their god would be angry because the worshipers do not give food to Columbus. Anger was marked by the presence of the red moon.

On the date mentioned Columbus, the moon was totally red. However, it is caused by a lunar eclipse. Residents of Jamaica see compatibility between words Columbus to the natural phenomena they see. Out of fear, they host Columbus with some food in the hope the gods are no longer angry.

5. Fixed Crossing the Atlantic Ocean After Death

After his death pada1506, Columbus was buried in Valladolid, Spain, and his remains were moved keSevilla. At the request of his brother in law, the body of Columbus and his son, Diego, sent across the Atlantic to Hispaniola to be buried in the cathedral of Santo Domingo.

When the French colonized the island of Hispaniola in 1795, the Spaniards dig up the remains of Columbus and his son. They moved the bodies of the two to Cuba. Their bodies were then moved again to Sevilla after the Spanish-American War in 1898.

Of particular interest is the discovery of a coffin with the name Columbus in the cathedral of Santo Domingo in 1877. This raises the question, whether the Spaniards to dig the wrong body? The controversy continued until 2006.

At that time, conducted DNA tests on to find evidence that at least some of the remains in Seville are the property of Columbus. But elsewhere in the world, which is in the Dominican Republic Hispaniola has refused to let the remains were tested. This then raises the assumption that the remains of Columbus ‘split’ in two places.

Christopher Columbus was respected and hated. Those who glorify based on its achievements in the Middle Ages. Those who hate to see the cruelty based on the records of contemporary traveler.

As other great figures of all time, where his body still not saw a bright spot. But regardless of any controversy that washed, Genoese merchants had listed his name in the pages of history the world.

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