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5 Best WordPress Plugins For Online Marketing

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Online Marketing

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Online Marketing

Trivana News – 5 Best WordPress Plugins For Online Marketing, What may not be done with WordPress? We can build a simple blog to a professional website complete with a portfolio to attract customers. Not only that, with WordPress we can to bring up an online store or e-commerce with ease.

WordPress is no longer a special blogging platform. Now, many new and exciting features, to build an e-commerce website that powerful.

So, what is needed to build a powerful online store website on WordPress? The answer is Plugin! There are several e-commerce plugins that can be used to build an online store website. Of the many e-commerce plugins No 5 plugins that I think is the best to build an online store.

1. WooCommerce

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Online Marketing

WooCommerce is one of the e-commerce plugins of the most memorable for me. Configuration is not complicated and so many e-commerce features that are found in this plugin.

With more than two (2) million downloaders and rating 4.1 / 5.0 (courtesy of proves that this is the product of WooThemes Plugin most needed to build and run an online business.

According to WooThemes, Pugin WooCommerce will give your WordPress website into an e-commerce store that not only powerfull but also very beautiful to see who can attract the attention of visitors.

Download WooCommerce

2. WP E-Commerce

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Online Marketing ecommerce SEO

WP e-Commerce is the best plugin after WooCommerce in my opinion. With more than 2.6 million downloaders, WPE-Commerce has defeated WooCommerce in terms of popularity, but its rating is still below WooCommerce, yaitu2.8 / 5.0.

WP e-Commerce has many important features to support the creation Online Store Website. As SEO features, Paypal, catalog management and much more. WP e-Commerce is very compatible with WordPress.

Download WP E-Commerce

3. Cart66

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Online Marketing ecommerce4

The most famous is the facility Cart66 credit card payments securely through a checkout system Mirjen

In addition, we can integrate Cart66 to Amazon, manage orders with a very simple, run promotions, calculate taxes, give some shopping selection to your customers, accessing emails created with its own view and set currency etc.

Although the free version, Cart66 provides everything needed to get a quality online store. It is easy to configure and with plenty of choice of interesting features.

Download Cart66

4. JigoShop

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Online Marketing jigoshop

WordPress Plugin Jigoshop is a professional e-commerce built by designers with many years of experience. Created specifically to build e-commerce for the big brands.

In addition to simple and easy configuration, Jigoshop offers all the features needed to create an e-commerce site that powerful.

Download JigoShop

5. iThemes Exchange

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Online Marketing ithemes exchange

Plugin developed by iThemes have more than fourteen (14) thousand downloaders and ratings of 5.0 / 5.0. Some of the unique features and simple interface that helps to add products with ease, and customs management to enable you to run an online shop with your own way. This plugin offers so many features that help improve the quality of the online store. You can also buy the Pro package which comes with additional features.

Download iThemes Exchange

There are still many other E-Commerce Plugin. Friends can try for yourself which one is better.

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