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Adult Content 10 Entertainment Sexiest Latin American Countries

Adult Content 10 Entertainment Sexiest Latin American Countries

Trivana News Adult Content 10 Entertainment Sexiest Latin American Countries | Who can resist the exotic, beauty, and sexiness typical of Latin America? From year to year, latina ground is always produced figures sexiest celebrities who often graced the television screen, cinema screen, or a variety of magazine covers the world’s elite. Well, of all these artists, who earned the title as the figure most hot?

Adult Content 10 Entertainment Sexiest Latin American Countries | On this occasion, Top10Indo will present a list of the sexiest Latin American artists. Besides having a nearly perfect physical beauty, these artists can also appear as an icon of entertainment is very popular. This list:

10. Pamela David

Pamela David

Presenter this one some time ago had the horrendous world of the Internet for his bravery performed with a very open clothes when hosted a show. Yes, Pamela David is a woman who is very fit and appropriate to describe the typical Latina sensuality that is so tempting.

Presenter Argentine also briefly appeared on a variety of films telenovela and did not hesitate to appear in the topless photo shoot for Chanel products. Well, see it in action, it’s natural if the men fairly at home watching the show hosted by Pamela David.

9. Ana Beatriz Barros

Ana Beatriz Barros

His name is known as one of the best-selling hot bikini models in the world. His career as a model had already started since he was aged 13, and it’s natural then Ana Beatriz Barros very successful in this field. Latina its unique beauty derived from a mixture of blood Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish from their parents.

Ana Beatriz Barros was born in 1982 and has a height which is ideal to become a model, which is 183 cm. This time, he not only satisfied to appear as a model on the catwalk but also has set up an agency for young models around the world.

8. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Although it is not young anymore, the figure is still very charismatic Salma Hayek and pleasing to the eye in front of the camera. Women were regarded as Hollywood celebrities are big breasted does have acting talent is unquestionable. He was already in existence in Hollywood since the early 90s and is now regarded as the most successful Latin American celebrities in the world.

Speaking of acting, Salma Hayek truly brilliant achievement. His role in films such as Frida, Bandidas, and the TV series Ugly Betty reaping praise from many quarters. Given the physical condition of Salma Hayek now, apparently, he was still able to portray the hot and sexy to five years into the future.

7. Shakira


In addition to Jennifer Lopez, Shakira might be called the most successful Latin American singer in the world within a period of two decades. His name is on the rise after being appointed to sing the song Waka Waka which became the official soundtrack of the World Cup in South Africa. Of course, success can not be separated from the beauty and sensuality that boldly display.

Shakira is also the wife of footballer Gerard Pique also several times won the prestigious world music awards. If he can maintain his career like this, the road seems to be the legendary Latina singer can be achieved easily.

6. Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes

There are no other women who have a higher sensuality of Eva Mendes. Artist and this model have an aura of beauty Latin America were really thick. As an actress, Eva Mendes has a talent that can not be underestimated. His films such as 2 Fast 2 Furious and Ghost Rider shows the greatness of his acting capacity.

Eva Mendes latin blood comes from both parents who have Cuban citizenship. He spent his childhood on the coast of Florida, before eventually attract the attention of an agency that makes a model. From there, Eva career as Hollywood’s elite celebrities began.

5. Elsa Benitez

Elsa Benitez

Elsa Benitez is the pride of Mexico the following figure as he won the title as a super model. Women born in 1977 who started his career in Puerto Rico, where he could win a modeling contest in the country. At that time, his name is not known at all and arguably quite surprising victory.

Comeliness and sexy body owned capital Elsa Benitez became important in his career. After becoming known as a model, she was ogled by fashion magazines of the world such as Elle, Vogue, and MAXIM is willing to pay millions of dollars for a photo shoot.

4. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

The Hot figure could actually make us complacent. Sofia Vergara coming from Colombia is known as Latin American artists are multi-talented. Not only known as a sexy model, Sofia is also a successful actress and comedian. He also served as MC for the various events to speak Spanish.

Sofia Vergara’s career skyrocketed when he starred in the TV drama titled Modern Family, where his role on the series got him earn three Golden Globe nominations. Let’s wait, if he can perform brilliantly on the big screen and took home the award more prestigious.

3. Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

If we are looking for a Latin artist most influential women in the world, perhaps Penelope Cruz was the one. His talents in the acting world no longer need to be questioned, in which he is able to combine talent, sensuality, and sense of humor in every appearance in a movie. The role that brought always interesting and able to grab the attention.

Penelope Cruz is also known as one of the artists with the most beautiful breasts in the world is proving his talent in films such as Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Vanilla Sky, Bandidas, and much more. He really true entertainer figures very dedicatedly!

2. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Elegant, exotic and sensual. Eva Longoria is not just a figure of a woman close to perfect, but it is also an actress who is able to make everyone who watched the action into love. He not only won two Screen Actors Guild Awards but has also been nominated for a Golden Globe Award acquire.

In Indonesia, Eva Longoria may be known for her role in Desperate Housewives. Here, Eva showed that he is able to act well, look stunning, and often make the audience spellbound or laugh. Really great figure of the artist.

1. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

Nothing wrong if we call Adriana Lima as being the sexiest Latin American artists. A myriad of achievements he has made in the year 2013, and he was also included as one of the biggest-earning models in the world. Brazilian woman also managed to retain her contract with Victoria’s Secret which has been started since 2000.

Talking about the beauty and sexiness of the body, it seems these two things are no longer in doubt on the figure of Adriana Lima. His photographs are very often adorned various international elite magazine proves that Adriana Lima has a physical beauty that is recognized globally.

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