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Al Shabaab Seize A City in Northwest Mogadishu

Al Shabaab Seize A City in Northwest Mogadishu

Al Shabaab Seize A City in Northwest Mogadishu

The militant group Al-Shabaab in Somalia seized a town from the hands of government forces. Photo / Special

Trivana News – Al Shabaab Seize A City in Northwest Mogadishu, MOGADISHU – The militant group al-Shabaab captured the city northwest of the Somali capital, Mogadishu, from government forces on Sunday. The city was the last city taken by militants trying to topple the Western-backed government in the country.

“Many fighters of Al-Shabaab attacked us this morning and after a short battle we are leaving the city for tactical reasons,” said military officials Somalia, Major Hussein Edin. He also said a Somali soldier was killed as quoted by Reuters on Monday (31/10/2016).

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Al-Shabaab military operations, Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, the group asserted occupy residential areas. He said seven Somali soldiers were killed.

In a separate incident, Somali forces in the semi-autonomous Galmudug region of north Mogadishu freed a Kenyan woman, Loise Njoki Weru. Weru, said local officials, have been held hostage by pirates since 2015.

Vice President of Galmudug, Mohamed Hashi said Weru is now in safe hands after security forces freed him and was talking to his family. Even so, Hashi did not say when Weru be repatriated.

Earlier this month, 26 Asian sailors freed after more than four years as a prisoner in a small fishing village in Somalia after being held by pirates.

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