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American Under Hillary Clinton, World in Armageddon Threat?

  American Under Hillary Clinton, World in Armageddon Threat?

Trivana News – American Under Hillary Clinton, World in Armageddon Threat ? IS THE WORLD IN THREAT OF ARMAGEDDON if the Americans and the world under the influence of the presidency of Hillary Clinton?

American Under Hillary Clinton, World Under Threat Armageddon?

Trivana News, WASHINGTON DC – In order to enhance the votes, while Hillary Clinton continues to repeat the mantra experience of many years. A quick overview of track-records for Mrs. Clinton that alone was able to show that he is not only not qualified to assume the role as commander-in-chief. Or even can be just as or more dangerous than George W. Bush on an international scale. Following a report in your news wire, Sunday (13/03).

American Under Hillary Clinton, World Under Threat Armageddon?

The first is the false claim that he had stated about Tuzla, Bosnia, about “landing under attack sniper” and “ran to seek refuge” is famous, as well as his words about Northern Ireland where the Nobel Peace Prize winner of Ireland, Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey, to the point of saying that Hillary “a bit silly” for exaggerating the part where he referred to himself as the bearer of peace.

Or details, let’s go back to the 1980s that this problem will appear brighter.

Hillary Clinton and Villain Cooperation

Hillary Clinton is okay now-fiery labor rights issues, things that make a really wrinkled forehead, because of its track record on labor issues, is nil.

When Hillary Clinton served as a litigator in the Rose Law Firm, Little Rock, Arkansas, he at the same time served on the Board of Directors WalMart since 1986-1992. A company is known for wages low, employing slave children in foreign countries (even children 9 years old), and labor unions are demanding. It is not surprising, that the then official biography does not mention these six years.

Hillary Clinton Low wages

In 1988, two years after Clinton joined the Board, an Arkansas state senator has attacked the company in general because implementing minimum- wage-earning workers were so low that they had to get public assistance while Hillary Clinton himself received a salary increase of 300% from initial salary for a job with only four meetings per year.

Why? Whatever the motive for Hillary Clinton in the 1980s, the current concerns over workers more classic sounds like sedition.

America under Hillary = war against Russia?

As a supporter of the neocons and the war in Iraq, Hillary Clinton without the doubt is was a candidate for president of the bankers, the corporate elite is corrupt, and warmongers. As president later, Hillary will not only allow the large oil companies, frackers, and his friends in Monsanto to destroy the environment and lower the food supply.

With the neocon Nazis who run foreign policy, and with the view that compares Hillary Russian President, Vladimir Putin, with Adolf Hitler, then a nuclear war would be an absolute guarantee once he becomes president. Because so Hillary Clinton will be sworn in as President of the United States, the gangsters of financial institutions, and war criminals will eventually manage to take over the US permanently or at least until Armageddon occurs. (AL / ARN)

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