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Ancient Coin piggy bank 1,400-Year-Old Found in Israel

Trivana NewsAncient Coin piggy bank 1,400-Year-Old Found in Israel – Around 1,400 years ago, a landowner in Israel rushed to hide wealth from the Persian troops who came charging.

In order to avoid danger, he hid his money in niches in the walls of his house and hope to return home after a period of chaos to take back his property.

However, he never came home …

Set the treasure was found during excavation demolition carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority (Israel Antiquities Authority, IAA) as part of the widening of the overpass 1 which was the main liaison Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

As quoted by the Daily Mail on Thursday (03/23/2017), while excavations conducted in June found two-level structure and the winepress nearby.

Later found a pile 9 bronze coins dating from the late Byzantine period in the 7th century. The findings were among the big rocks that come along with the main building collapsed.

It seems that the property was abandoned and destroyed until it was buried and become part of agricultural terraces that surround the area.

Ancient Coin piggy bank 1,400-Year-Old Found in Israel

Ancient Coin piggy bank 1,400 Year-Old Found in IsraelFor IAA excavation director, Annette Landes-Nagar, said, “It seems, at the moment of danger, the owner of the property was put coins in a cloth bag which was then hidden in hidden niches in the wall.”

“He hopes to come back and pick it up, but today we know that he can not do it.”

The coins bear the image three important Byzantine emperor, namely Justinian (483-565 AD), Maurice (539-602 AD), and Phocas (547-610 AD). The coins were minted in three places of printing, ie Constantinople, Antioch, and Nicomedia, all of which exist in Turkey now.

At the front, there is a picture of the emperor was wearing a military cloak, carrying crosses. Meanwhile, the rear includes currency denomination and is engraved with the letter M.

Ancient Coin piggy bank 1,400 Year-Old Found in Israel

Building and wine vats beside being part of a larger site along Jalan Layang 1. The building was recently exposed on the opposite side of the road about a year ago.

A Byzantine church discovered in the excavation. According to the IAA, the settlement was called Einbikumakube. The name was immortalized in the adjacent Arab village, Beit Naquba.

The site is located along the road that runs from the coastal plain to Jerusalem. Settlement and some resting station sit partially built at the spring near the road used by Christian pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem.

Ancient Coin piggy bank 1,400 Year-Old Found in Israel

According to Landes-Nagar, “The treasure it signifies the end of the site. The background of the treasure was hidden allegedly associated with Sassanid Persian invasion that occurred in 614 AD”

“The invasion is one of the factors that stuck out at the end of Byzantine power in Israel.”

Party IAA and Israel Native construction companies are now trying to preserve the site into an important place along the way in Jalan Layang 1.

Ancient Coin piggy bank 1,400 Year-Old Found in Israel

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