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ISIS Prepares Defense Scary in Mosul

ISIS Prepares Defense Scary in Mosul

ISIS Prepares Defense Scary in Mosul

Satellite images show the ISIS building a sort of swamp, concrete blockades, to flatten the existing air base near Mosul. Photo / Special

Trivana News – ISIS Prepares Defense Scary in Mosul | WASHINGTON – Images of new satellite images show if ISIS militants have set up daunting defenses in Mosul. ISIS makes a sort of swamp for hindering the pace of Iraqi forces.

This photo was taken on Monday and published at the end of last week by the private intelligence firm based in Texas, Stratfor. In the photo seen ISIS militants barricaded with concrete, embank soil and debris to block the main routes leading into the city center as quoted by Fox News , Sunday (06/11/2016).

The militants ISIS also has cleared the terrain and buildings in around Mosul airport and flatten the former military base nearby on the west bank of the Tigris River. According to Stratfor, the group is likely to make the wall to target Iraqi forces and members their open space to shoot troops from a distance.

It was said by Stratfor, these defenses will pose a challenge tactical substantially to the Iraqi forces as they make their way toward the center of the city controlled by ISIS since July 2014.

About 50 thousand personnel of the Iraqi security forces, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, Sunni Arab tribes, and the Shia militia involved in the attack to seize Mosul, which started two weeks ago. They tried to expel militants from ISIS last stronghold of the extremist groups in Iraq.

Before the attack began on October 17, it is believed there are between 3,000 and 5,000 militants were left in Mosul, along with 1.5 million civilians. So far, more than 17,700 residents have been displaced and, according to the UN worst-case scenario, as many as 700,000 others will follow.

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