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British PM Remove the First Reaction After Attacks in London

Trivana NewsBritish PM Remove the First Reaction After Attacks in London – British Prime Minister Theresa May gave his first public reaction on Wednesday night (22/3) on the worst attack on London since 2005, which has so far killed four people and injured more than 20 others.

May spoke outside the office at 10 Downing Street after he attended a meeting with a senior adviser to the UK after the attack. A policeman guarding the Houses of Parliament was killed after he was stabbed by an alleged perpetrator of the attack.

British PM Remove the First Reaction After Attacks in London

British PM Remove the First Reaction After Attacks in London

May described the perpetrator of the attack as “sick and depraved” and the lady prime minister praised the bravery of the police officers who face danger when they tell people to save themselves, according to the Xinhua report, who monitored Antara here on Thursday morning. May confirm the current threat level in the UK, namely severe, will be honored.

“The location of this attack is not accidental,” said May. Perpetrators “chose to strike at the heart of our capital, where people of any nationality, religion, and culture, come together. Street Westminster, it is a Parliament of the oldest in the world anchored in the spirit of freedom. That’s why this place became a target for those who reject all these values. Every attempt to beat the value it through terror or violence will fail “.

“Tomorrow, members of Parliament will come up to par, and the citizens of London, as well as people from all over the world who have come to this great city, will get up and go carry out their daily activities as normal. They will ride the train, they will be out of the hotel, they will run in this way, they will live their lives. and we will move forward together, never give in to terror, and never let the noise of hatred … divide us, “said the British Prime Minister.

An attacker rammed a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, and injuring at least 20 people, in what have signed similar attacks on mainland Europe. Most of the victims were reported to have suffered serious injuries. Three police officers and a number of French children were among those killed.

The car then drove at high speed and crashed into a fence surrounding the House of Commons of the British Parliament building. The Metropolitan Police said a man, armed with a knife, went on the attack and tried to enter the Parliament building.

He attacked an armed policeman who was on duty in the building of the Lower House of Parliament and the other was shot by armed officers. Police were attacked and the attacker later died from their injuries. The family told police the victim regarding the tragedy. (ARS)

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