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Eight People Arrested After the attacks in London

Trivana NewsEight People Arrested After the attacks in London – A total of eight people were arrested after the attack on the bridge Westminster Bridge, near the building of the British Parliament, London on Wednesday (22/3). The local anti-terror officer confirmed police have searched six addresses and made seven arrests, and the arrest of eight as reported Independent on Thursday (23/3).

Eight People Arrested After the attacks in London

Eight People Arrested After the attacks in London

Meanwhile, as reported by Reuters, the police are still searching for properties in Wales, downtown Birmingham, and East London. Hundreds detective also involved in the investigation.

Known, there was an attack near the Houses of Parliament London when a car Hyundai i40 gray 4×4 break through the pedestrian path on Westminster Bridge, leading to the Houses of Parliament in London, Wednesday (22/3). The events occurred at 14:20 local time when a car crashed into three people who later died.

Reported by The Guardian, after a car crashed into a guardrail on the outside of the building, actors dressed in black then ran inside to the New Palace Yard, where he attacked two policemen yellow jacket. One police guard was stabbed to death.

As before, the British Police have identified the attackers outside the Houses of Parliament, London on Wednesday (22/3), which killed five people and injured dozens more. Unknown perpetrators named Khalid Masood and 52 years old.

Police said Masood also known British-born, the East of England region, named Kent, but recently stayed in the region of Central England, the West Midlands. As reported by Reuters on Thursday (23/3), Masood also is known to have been investigated MI5 intelligence officers are concerned with extremism and violence.

It was not clear whether the attack Masood relates to acts of terrorism groups. Although ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack on the pedestrian Westminster Bridge and the local police.

“Masood was not the subject of an investigation related to previous intelligence, how was he known to assault causing bodily harm, possession of an offensive weapon, and violation of public order,” said local police.

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