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Famous musician concert title to David Bowie

Famous musician concert title to David Bowie

TrivanaNewsFamous musician concert title to David Bowie The star concert in honor of musician David Bowie has been planned to be held in New York, before he died.

The event will be held at Carnegie Hall was announced on January 10 and a retrospective concert Bowie life.

But a few hours after the concert plan was published, the singer’s family announced Bowie died of cancer that has long suffered.

Famous musician concert title to David Bowie

Bowie’s death, making his fans hunt for concert tickets were immediately sold out.

A number of artists will be performing in this concert include Flaming Lips, Pixies, singer Debbie Harry and Cyndi Lauper and former REM singer Michael Stipe.

The annual tribute concert that was previously only will attend some famous singer Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Joni Mitchell’s, organized in order to raise funds for charity.

The committee admitted to being overwhelmed by the demand of fans who want to see a concert tribute to Bowie’s.

Finally, the organizers held a second concert on Friday night (1/4) at Radio City Music Hall that will be streamed online.

Trivana News Famous musician concert title to David Bowie

“We felt a bit awkward, we humbly grateful to anyone who wants to participate in this concert,” said producer Michael Dorf.

Hip-hop band the Roots which had been due to stage, withdrew from the event on Thursday (31/3), after accusing another group of unnamed refuse to lend their equipment.

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