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Google Test Features High Speed ​​Test In Search Results – Google Test Features High Speed Test In Search Results This time we have entered the era of 4G that offers super fast internet speed, but that is still an obstacle is the 4G signal is not evenly distributed to all the places. Usually someone will test the speed of the internet on their mobile phones using the Speed Test app help or something, so we know the internet speed in a particular area.

But it seems not only users of mobile devices are often tested the speed of the internet, because any web browser users can also enjoy similar features. It is marked on the information that says if Google recently reportedly preparing internet speed testing feature in the search results.

Google Test Features High Speed Test In Search Results

Google Test Features High Speed Test In Search Results

Google Test Features High Speed Test In Search Results

Certainly not without reason Google bring this feature, it is a response to Google’s alleged to similar features that are present in Netflix. At Netflix, users only need to click the link provided, after a short wait later the results will be displayed.

But not just any Netflix already has, Microsoft’s Bing search engine also has these features. Do not want to miss, Google was also going to provide the services, given Google is currently the most widely used search engine.

Google Test Features High Speed

How to use it is very easy, you just need to type “check internet speed” in the Google search field, the results appear is the process of the feature. This feature is the same if you type “calculator” or convertible currency “USD to IDR” in the column that will display the respective tools.

This feature was first notified by Pete Meyers via his Twitter account, he also included a screenshot of the feature and a Google support site that explains the workings of these tools. However, this feature is not yet uniformly available to all users, so had to wait some more time until you can give it a try.

Google Test Features High Speed Test In Search Results

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