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Here’s How to Play “Pokemon Go”

Here's How to Play "Pokemon Go"

TrivanaNews.comPokemon Go was launched last week in several countries. Although the old corn-based augmented-reality game that is stealing the attention of netizens.

In Indonesia, the game is so viral. This was reflected in the many chats and jokes on various social media timeline.

Many players are already establishing a position in the top level, not a few who are still confused by the procedures playing Pokemon Go. Some terminology such as Pokestop, Pokeball, Gym, and Candy was still questionable.

Here’s How to Play “Pokemon Go”

To that end, KompasTekno briefly summarizes the basic steps to play Pokemon Go and terms in the game.

First, players must download a version of Pokemon Ball on the Android APK. For the version of iOS, users can create an account App Store United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Then the player will be given the option to sign up via your Google account or Pokemon Trainer Club.

After all the registration process is completed, the player described as trainer. Players are free polishing trainer appearance, from hair color, skin color, and even clothing.

The task of the player or trainer is to collect and train Pokemon milling in the streets. Now, let’s get started.

first Pokemon

Here's How to Play "Pokemon Go"

At first, players will be given the opportunity to catch the first Pokemon wherever the players are. It might be the first Pokemon Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, even the belle of Pikachu.

Pokemon Go Pokemon beginning with the first catch.

The first Pokemon Pokeball captured using red and white. It’s easy, just point the direction Pokeball Pokemon, then shoot towards Pokeball Pokemon.

On the screen, Pokemon seemed to be right in front of the player. If the shot is right, will go to the Pokemon Pokeball and belongs to the player.

Hunting Pokemon and other items

Do not be satisfied with only one Pokemon. Players can collect as many types of Pokemon to migrate.

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