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How to create a blogger website

how to create a blogger website

Trivana NewsHow to create a blogger website, This blog we specialize in discussing about the world of blogging and online marketing, and in this tutorial we will discuss how to make the blog a nice and cool by using the facilities /, which does not rule out the blog created later can make money are pretty much even become our livelihood.

Immediately, we discuss how to create a free blog using blogger.

How to create a blogger website – First Create a Gmail email account prior click the following link and will appear as below:

How to create a blogger website

how to create a blogger website account google mail

How to create a blog

fill out all the forms that exist.

Keteranganya following:

  • A. fill in your first name
  • B. fill in your last name
  • C. The contents of the username or email name will you make (if any information could not be dressing up)
  • D. contents unique password that is not easy to guess and easy to remember
  • E. repeat filling the same password
  • F. select your month of birth
  • G. write your date of birth
  • H. write your year of birth
  • I. contents of your mobile phone number there
  • J. contents of your recovery email address (that you have another email)
  • K. tick
  • L. select locations Indonesia
  • M. tick
  • N. Klik next step.

In the next step would be the following picture emerges:

how to create a blogger website verify account

account verification


  • O. contents of your mobile number (there will be an SMS from Google to your phone)
  • P. Tick
  • Q. Click Continue to proceed

Then the image will appear as follows:

how to create a blogger website verify account number

verification SMS


  • R. enter the verification code sent via SMS to google your smartphone and then click continue.

Then it will appear as shown below:

how to create a blogger website dasboard

How to Make a Website


  • S. Click the button.

Then go to Gmail, (email account) as shown below

how to create a blogger website verify email

create email

Here the email account you’ve finished.

then to create a blog on blogger click the following link

the page will appear like this:

how to create a blogger website blogger account


  • T. fill in your name in blogger account that you will use later on whatever you want to use any name
  • U. select it and click it

then press the orange words “go to the blogger”.

Next will go to the page below and it was a sign to make your blog almost finished

how to create a blogger website step one


  • V. Click on the new blog to make your blog domain name

The next page appears as shown below:

how to create a blogger website title and site url

How To Make a blog name The Wb


  • W. contents of the blog title that will you make (this title will pop up in the top pages of your blog)
  • X. domain content of your blog that would create such an example I fill beritaco later my domain will be (if you want your blog to fill this famous with a name that is easy to remember if there is no meaning of the name is already taken and you please find the name unused)

The image below is a template of your blog, please choose whatever you like by clicking it.

The next page will appear as follows:

Free blog

how to create a blogger website navigation

BlogSpot dashboard

if it appears the picture above you already have a blog / website and to view please click Tobol marked “AB” your blog will show up and finished.


  • Y. Name Your Blog
  • Z. Menu selection facilities dashboard blogger
  • AB. Button to see your blog
  • AC. click the button to start posting articles or images, etc. to your website content
  • AD. The menu is provided to enhance blogger blog / web with various facilities such as edit templates, setting blog, email posting DLL, please permutations and whether or not depends on your creativity in blogging.

Finally finished also guide how to create a blog or how to make a website on the free blogger , now you have a BlogSpot and just filled with content as you want.

If it is less clear or you want to have a great blog, with your own domain, with a great view and easy to get thousands of visitors from Google on a daily basis I can make or help you.

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