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How To Create a Simple Gallery and Slideshow in WordPress

Trivana NewsHow To Create a Simple Gallery and Slideshow in WordPress – For bloggers or website owners with any type of site by adding a picture or a photo on his blog or website is very important. Because images or photos can create a website and content becomes more interesting and not boring for visitors. Especially if you’re a blogger who featured stories traveling for example, by adding pictures of your trip in the articles will make visitors more to permeate and to visualize the holiday and the places you visit and will strengthen your content.

How To Create a Simple Gallery and Slideshow in WordPress

How To Create a Simple Gallery and Slideshow in WordPress

If you build or create your blog with WordPress, then add images and photos on your blog is easy and there are several ways that you can select.

WordPress is equipped with a default feature to generate a custom image gallery that you can include in your post article, by utilizing the property of WordPress gallery features, you no longer need to use a plugin. But there are also many free WordPress plugins is intended to create an image slideshow more interesting and you can plug in different areas of your WordPress blog. And if you use WordPress theme supports to display slideshow images, you do not need to bother to use the plugin to create a slideshow on your WordPress site.

In this article, I will explain in full how to make the gallery images and create a slideshow on using either WordPress plugin and take advantage of features belonging to WordPress default gallery.

Creating a Photo Gallery in WordPress

CMS WordPress has lots of great features, sophisticated and perfect for users, and WordPress will always and always being developed and will present the new features again in the future.

One of the advantages is the presence WordPress gallery features a beautiful and easy to use. This feature you can use directly from media uploads on any post or page.

The first step to creating a photo gallery in WordPress is to create or edit a post or page where you want to put the photo gallery.

How To Create a Simple Gallery and Slideshow in WordPress

It would be very good for writing content before adding photo galleries. This way you will know exactly where the image will appear in relation to the content as in the example image above.

So in the visual editor, you can create some space between two paragraphs in your writing to place the cursor as a gallery where you will be. So it looks like this:

Then click the “Add Media” located just above the visual editor. This will open a window of the page to upload a new image.

Once the window is open look in the left sidebar there is a menu link labeled “Create Gallery”. Please click on “Create Gallery” and upload or select an existing image from your gallery.

Now look at the top, you’ll see there are two tabs at the top. By default you will be on the upload screen, if you want to create a gallery with new images or photos that you have uploaded, you can directly upload your images through this section. But if you want to select an image or a photo from the media library that you’ve previously uploaded, then please click on the tab labeled “Media Library”.

How To Create a Simple Gallery and Slideshow in WordPress

To select the image you want to make a gallery, you just click on the images, and if you want to deselect the image so you can click the checkmark in the upper right corner of the thumbnail is missing.

How To Create a Simple Gallery and Slideshow in WordPress

You can add a title, alt text, and captions on the pictures on the sidebar. But in this section, you do not need to add a caption or change these settings. But it is recommended for you at least create the titles or alt text for additional information helps Google when indexing for search photo image or make the image SEO friendly.

Now after all the pictures you have selected and customized you can click the button “Create New Gallery” in the bottom right corner.

How To Create a Simple Gallery and Slideshow in WordPress

This new screen contains thumbnail gallery thumbnail of the image that is selected and there is the option to add captions to each photo. And if you want to remove a photo from the gallery just click the small X in the corner of the picture.

How To Create a Simple Gallery and Slideshow in WordPress

If you want to rearrange the order of your photos, you can do so by clicking and dragging the image on the part you want. Before finalizing your gallery, check the settings on the right sidebar. Most people want to link directly to the image so it’s a good idea to change the “Link To” in “Attachment Page”

Then you can choose how many columns you want to use the gallery along with the thumbnail size and type of the thumbnail. One type of style that is displayed is the slideshow behaves slightly differently from the regular gallery. But you can always go back to edit this option if you want to change the way the gallery is shown.

If all are finished, please click the “Insert Gallery” and the gallery will appear in your editor. And now click the “Publish” or “Update” and see your gallery is mounted on the posting of your articles.

How To Create a Simple Gallery and Slideshow in WordPress

All gallery images are displayed in the form of thumbnail images as above if you click on the image thumbnail will display the full-size images in a slide gallery. WordPress has a built-in by default so that it will work well on any theme.

Above is an easy way to create a gallery in posts or pages of your WordPress, WordPress has a very versatile method for creating brilliant image gallery slideshow. This technique works on any theme by default and laid out perfectly.

Make a Picture Slideshow in WordPress

And below I will explain how to install WordPress with a slideshow using the plugin because maybe you want to get the features and greater support for customization.

In this slideshow tutorial, I chose a very cool plugins slideshow that uses plugins Slideshow JQuery Image Gallery. By using plugins is you can put a slide anywhere you want, be in the post, Home, or in the widget.

Here Features From Slideshow Plugin JQuery Image Gallery

  • Can Make a lot of slideshows with many slides you want
  • Slides Image
  • Slide text
  • Slide Video YouTube
  • Responsive
  • Place it anywhere on your website
  • Running multiple slideshows on the same page
  • Changing animation and handling
  • Can be adjusted to taste

How to Use JQuery Image Gallery Slideshow

1. Download plugins Slideshow JQuery Image Gallery

2. Install and Activate

3. Then go to “Slideshow” in the sidebar of your WordPress admin dashboard, and create a new name for the slideshow will be created with the click add new.

Make a Picture Slideshow in WordPress

4. Add a slide, whether it slides in the form of text, images and video can be added by way of the insert button under publishing.

Make a Picture Slideshow in WordPress

5. And Make setting in the right column, you can do the setting animation and size and much more here.

Make a Picture Slideshow in WordPress

6. Attach the slide where you want, when in the widget there is already an available widget for plugins if you live in a post on the insert by pressing the insert slideshow next to add new . and to embed in your template can enter the following script where you want to display.

1<?php do_action('slideshow_deploy', '372'); ?>

Above is how to create and install the Image Gallery and Slideshow in WordPress, please follow the instructions above to make drawings or photos you perform better on your WordPress site. Good luck.

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