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Language Dolphins Communication Similar to Alien?

Trivana News – Language Dolphins Communication Similar to Alien?, Scientists from Karadag, Russia Vyacheslav Ryabov makes strange research. He has recorded the conversation between the two dolphins.

Ryabov mentions in the study he used two dolphins named Yasha and Yana. When examined using underwater microphones, all the sound elements of the underwater mammal’s conversation was recorded.

According to Ryabov, there are differences in the frequency and rate of these two dolphins. He also said that these animals do not sound the same in the conversation.

Dolphins certainly can hear each other. However, it can not be heard by the human ear ‘naked’.

Language Dolphins Communication Similar to Alien?

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To hear the dolphins communicate, there must be an aid or device to convert it.

When asked, he observed conversations goal dolphins, Ryabov said with surprise. Believed to learn dolphin language means being able to communicate well with other animals and beings beyond Earth.

“My research indicates the type of acoustic signals of dolphins which can be considered as the language of conversation can be developed,” said Vyacheslav Ryabov, as quoted from RBTH.

“It should be studied further,” he continued.

He also hopes this research will help humans to communicate with aliens or aliens.

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