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Married For Second Time, Sofia Vergara Wants to Perform Section –¬†Married For Second Time, Sofia Vergara Wants to Perform Section,¬†Looks like a step Sofia Vergara to marry the handsome actor Joe Manganiello will be realized in Florida on 22 November. When asked about the dress to be worn, beautiful artist was 43 years old replied she chose the dress super sexy. According to him, in his second marriage he was reluctant to again appear as ‘virgin’ who will just hold a wedding pertamanya.Berita has also been confirmed by Modern Family .

Sofia added, “I want to look sexy. I do not particularly like the natural style that is much in demand by the bride.” Make up artist who believed Sophia to dress it up later add on makeup and hairstyle will be charged Sophia .

Married For Second Time, Sofia Vergara Wants to Perform Section

Married For Second Time, Sofia Vergara Wants to Perform Section

According to him, the artist who likes wearing bright red lipstick is wanted makeup is too thick but glamorous. Sofia does not want her hair blow-up because he thought only 60-year-old woman who wore her hair style like that.


In addition, the plan will be 400 guests were present at their happy feast. Wedding party organizer also reveals the fact that Sofie was very excited when organizing the invitation. She wants the wedding is private and only attended by people nearby.

The plan, they will divide the invitation to 200 for Joe as well as 200 for Sofie . But according to Sofi e, it looks like it has run out 200 invitations to invite family alone. Therefore Joe was willing to divide the ration invitation by Sofie.

As reported by Life & Style on Wednesday (30/09) yesterday, the pair has reached into the budget of up to one million dollars to hold the event. The plan, a happy moment they will be filled with orchids and chocolate tart super great. Wow, ya can not wait to hear the rest of their wedding news.

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