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[PHOTO] So Model Vanity Fair, Demi Lovato Nekat Posing Nude –¬†Recently, Demi Lovato desperate to undergo a hot photo shoot with Complex Magazine. It was there that he actually posed topless wearing only panties transparent. However, now Demi successful return to steal the attention.

Chanter Cool for the Summer is apparently also a photo shoot with one of the heat of the famous fashion magazine, Vanity Fair. Reported by the Daily Mail, Demi really not afraid to show her curves through pose nude.

[PHOTO] So Model Vanity Fair, Demi Lovato Nekat Posing Nude

[PHOTO] So Model Vanity Fair, Demi Lovato Nekat Posing Nude

[PHOTO] So Model Vanity Fair, Demi Lovato Nekat Posing Nude

Not only posing naked, Demi also deliberately let her natural look without a touch of makeup. Curious as to what the former Disney star’s appearance?

Posing in a bath up, Demi really is not wearing any clothes to cover her body. Appearance more sensual because wet hair and skin that look like after a bath.

Naked and without makeup, photographs widespread on the internet is also without effect edits. Everything is original, to show what the charm of the natural beauty that is inside a talented singer from the United States.

However, Demi has its own reasons concerning shooting naked this time.

“When I think about confidence, about many things, the most important thing is comfortable with yourself. Without makeup, clothes, and without edits, 3 this is absolutely never imagined would happen. This will greatly help other women to make them more confident and proud of his own body, “he said.

Well , as far we know, Demi was never illness bipolar disorder. Since then she has never felt confident and even hate all parts of his body. But now, she learned to love and be proud of himself.

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