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Pokemon Go: All you need to know

Pokemon Go

I’ve heard about Pokemon. Is this a trendy again?

Yes – Pokemon go is a game of augmented reality (augmented reality) in the smart phone.

It uses GPS (global positioning system). You play with a walk in the real world catches a virtual monster adorable as Pikachu and Jigglypuff in places near the location of your phone and train them to compete.

These monsters were first popular in the 90s when the Nintendo Game Boy appears.

Card-game card to be exchanged very salable in the playground in schools long before Minecraft and even before Tamagotchi, but after a yo-yo and marbles.

Pokemon Game Boy and DS (Nintendo) had been the cartoon program with simple technology and game cards to be exchanged, but only this time the game on smart phones.

pokemon go

  • Pokemon: pocket monster (monster saku)
  • Pokestop: important place
  • Pokeball: inventory that can be thrown to catch Pokemon to be trained
  • Gym: the location where Pokemon compete with each other
  • Pikachu: Pokemon’s most famous and iconic of Japanese culture

How do I get this game?

In app stores like the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). The game is free, but like other free games, there are things that must be purchased with money when you’re already signed in this game.

This game is already accessible in Australia, New Zealand and the US and will be released in Japan soon.

In Indonesia, Pokemon Go has not been released, but many gamers who download the game applications through the APK ( Android application package ) were deployed at sites and gaming technology.

Many people who use it so the server every so often fallen.

That’s why developers like Google’s Niantic Inc. ies established holding company giant technology, Alphabet Inc- delay the launch of this game all over the world today.

  • Game Pokemon Go jack Nintendo stock value
  • Foreign Antiorang, Singaporean jailed
  • Because of the Pokemon video games, the company fired an employee Singapore foreign

Genesis weirdest what ever happens when someone plays this game?

Oh, just select …

A woman in the United States found the bodies when he was looking for Pokemon in a river near his home. Police said the man had been killed 24 hours.

Four people were arrested after they used this game to lure the players to a secluded place and then robbing them with weapons.

Responded to this incident, the developer Pokemon Go said people should ‘bermsin with friends only when going to a new place or unknown’ and ‘Remember to always be alert at all times’.

In a gym in the US, the players mennempatkan Pokemon pink “Clefairy” and named it takes place that ‘Love is Love’ (Love is Love). Antigay Westboro Baptist Church meresponds it by calling it Pokemon penyemburit in social media.

There are also many reports of people falling or injuring themselves as a result they are not paying attention to what is in front of them when playing this game.

  • Hunting Pokemon, but instead found a body
  • Tens of thousands of people playing Pokemon online

Should I worry about my privacy?

Some people have pointed out if for this game works with real-time ( real time ), if you are close to the other players, you might be able to see them in real life.

When you register, you allow Niantic Labs to use your location and share them through the app.


This is similar to what was requested of all the other social media, but you can turn this function of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, do so in Pokemon Go will make you less able to play this game fully.
Is this game a success so far?
This is just the beginning!


This game Nintendo has added value of more than US $ 7milyar (Rp92 trillion) through the rise in stock prices since it was first released.

This game dominating game sales in the US and managed to capture two markets, teens ‘catch Pokemon’ for the first time and people in the age of late 20s or early 30s, who remembered how to collect the first time and want to reminisce.

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