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Presidential Spokesman Overslept When meeting Putin and Erdogan

Trivana NewsPresidential Spokesman Overslept When meeting Putin and Erdogan, the Possible diplomatic meeting is boring. It took a ‘power’ to make eye awake, especially if we are not directly involved in the talks.

Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov photographers caught asleep when her boss – Russian President Vladimir Putin was to hold meetings with the number one Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (10/14/2016), both President Putin and Erdogan looks too sleepy. However, both are able to keep both eyes open.

Presidential Spokesman Overslept When meeting Putin and Erdogan

Presidential Spokesman Overslept When meeting Putin and Erdogan

© Provided by PT Karya Creative Media Spokesperson of the President Overslept When Putin and Erdogan meeting (Reuters)

The two leaders reportedly talked after signing consent gas line which connects Russia and Turkey.

At that moment, Peskov lost the ability to control the sleep. Allegedly he fell asleep after listening to the sound of Erdogan ‘soft and melodious’.

In a video show, the Interior Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov looks realize Putin’s staff asleep. However, he was reluctant to interfere because Peskov looks tired and soundly.

Apparently, this is not the first time Peskov ‘caught’ cameras asleep in an important meeting. However, this time, he refused to comment on it.

Embarrassing incidents that occurred after sexy pictures princess Peskov published in the Turkish media.

Some media put pictures of Liza Peskova with swimsuit while sunbathing in Antalya. One headline plastered in the headlines read, ” Welcome to Turkey! ‘

Pretty teenager 18 years into the spotlight in the Turkish media – who hope the photo will make tourists come to the country.

Liza also chimed in his Instagram account. Displaying a picture of yourself using the same swimsuit, he says say, “Hello Turkey! We missed you! The country is very open to Russian citizens. You loved us.”

Relationships ‘hot’ Ankara and Moscow began to cool after a shooting incident plane belonged to the Russian Su-24 occurred on the border of Turkey and Syria.

Putin said the incident was like “stabbing in the back by a state sponsor of terrorism.”

However, lately, a number of cooperation between the two countries was initiated. Relations between Russia and Turkey at peace.

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