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Recent research FBI: Hillary Free Email Scandal Allegations

Recent research FBI: Hillary Free Email Scandal Allegations

Recent research FBI: Hillary Free Email Scandal Allegations

Recent research FBI: Hillary Free Email Scandal Allegations

Trivana News – Recent research FBI, Hillary Free Email Scandal Allegations | WASHINGTON – FBI Director James Comey told Congress the United States (US) that the latest investigation about the scandal email Hillary Clinton concluded that the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party is a free to charge. The latest FBI investigation of the server email personally Hillary had a chance to make Democrats, including President Barack Obama, upset.

Comey said that his team had been working all the time, studying the email on a laptop belonging to the husband of a close aide to Hillary. In conclusion, the FBI did not change the decision of the previous investigation which stated Hillary “clean” from the scandal email.

In July, the FBI said there was no indictment in the case that dragged the wife of former President Bill Clinton. “(We) did not change our conclusion that we declared in July in connection with (former) Secretary of State (Hillary) Clinton,” Comey wrote in a letter to Congress on Sunday, told Reuters on Monday (7/11/2016) .

Since the end of October, the Director of the FBI has become the target of criticism after Democrats decided to open an investigation into the latest scandal email, Hillary. Because the announcement boss of the FBI is only a few weeks before the US election and the impact on the popularity of Hillary as a presidential candidate.

There are about 650 thousand emails found on a laptop belonging to former Congressman Anthony Weiner who has been used by his wife, Huma Abedin, a close aide to Hillary Clinton .

A spokesman for Clinton’s campaign, Jennifer Palmieri, said he was happy with the results of the FBI investigation. However, the chairman of the campaign Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, accused the Director of the FBI made the mistake of revealing investigation of the most recent scandal email .

“I think the men and women of the FBI did a tremendous job here, around the country, but leakers (whistleblowers) should shut up, “Podesta said in an interview with NBC News program ” Meet the Press ” .

Meanwhile, the campaign team of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Republican National Committee (RNC) is not concerned with the final conclusions of the FBI. According to them, the results of the latest investigations FBI does not change the fact that the US classified information has been put at risk by Hillary.

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