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Reluctant London Mayor Responds to “ridicule” Donald Trump Jr

Trivana NewsReluctant London Mayor Responds to “ridicule” Donald Trump Jr – The mayor of London Sadiq Khan was reluctant to respond to “ridicule” that was brought Donald Trump Jr. through his Twitter account a few hours after the terror attacks in the city he leads it.

Reluctant London Mayor Responds to “ridicule” Donald Trump Jr

Reluctant London Mayor Responds to "ridicule" Donald Trump Jr

Khan, the first Muslim mayor in London was just saying, he had more important things to do than responding to Donald Trump’s son.

“I will not respond to the chirp Donald Trump Jr. I’m doing something more important during the last 24 hours,” said Khan, Thursday (23/03/2017).

In an interview with CNN, Khan did not want to mess around with Twitter Trump Jr. He even explains how to respond to the London terror attacks.

“What do I know the threat to London and this country is very large, which means that such an attack is likely to occur,” said Khan.

“The terrorists hate the fact that London, Paris, New York, Brussels, Istanbul or Madrid have a diverse community of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect,” said Khan.

Khan added, a day after the terror attacks, ongoing parliamentary proceedings back to normal, London city hall also operate as usual.

“The tourists back to London, the business is running normally, this is all that is hated by the terrorists,” added Khan.

“I will never allow terrorists to divide London, destroying our way of life whether past, current, or future,” he added.

Reluctance to discuss chirp Donald Trump Jr Khan was also repeated in an interview with the BBC. He actually said that terrorism must be combated.

“We can not accept when someone tried to break down the Christians, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or Sikh,” Khan asserted.

A few hours after the terror attack in Westminster that Donald Trump Jr. commented directly via his Twitter account.

His comments not contain words of sympathy but rather teased mayor Sadiq Khan by uploading an article daily The Independent published in September last year.

In the article, Khan did say, at this present moment of terror attacks has become part of life in the global cities.

However, chirp Trump Jr was not the continuation of the statement delivered Sadiq Khan is out responding to a bomb attack in New York that injured dozens of people.

“So we must be prepared to face things like that. It is my duty to ensure that we can live safely,” Khan said at the time.

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