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Sorong and Merauke Decided So Special Economic Zones – JAKARTA, Sorong and Merauke Decided So Special Economic Zones Today the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Nasution close ranks of the ministers associated with the development of the implementation of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

Present at the meeting coordination (coordination meetings), Jakarta, Wednesday (06/29/2016), Thomas Lembong Minister of Trade, Minister of Industry Saleh Husin, Minister of National Development Planning / Head of Bappenas Sofyan Djalil and Secretary of the National Council of KEK Noah Suharto.

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Nasution said the government in building the industrial area and the center, focusing development in Eastern Indonesia region, namely in Sorong and Merauke.

Sorong and Merauke Decided So Special Economic Zones

Sorong and Merauke Decided So Special Economic Zones

Sorong and Merauke Decided So Special Economic Zones

In the establishment of the SEZ there are several important issues, including the matter of land acquisition, which will be the anchor industry pioneer and the main pillar of KEK, as well as administrative problems.

“The status of the soil is important because this issue is often a problem in Papua,” he said at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs.

For Sorong, said Nasution entire administrative requirements are complete and rakor agreed to submit a draft Government Regulation (PP) so officially designated as SEZ.

“We agree to Sorong as KEK and immediately processed for the rules,” he said.

While Merauke can not be decided in the meeting today because it still requires a technical study. Administratively, a condition which is not complete is the EIA document, but to be seen whether there would be other things to talk about, such as roads and other infrastructure.

“To be sure, do not doubt the government to process KEK Merauke. Because in principle we agree Merauke to become SEZ. Just need technical meetings and we sit down again to decide,”

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