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The Lego Batman Movie Trailer Introduced Online

The Lego Batman Movie Trailer Introduced Online

Trailer The Lego Batman Movie Diperkenalkan Secara Online

The Lego Movie Batman movie promises a different excitement. Of course, to spoil the movie lovers, especially Batman. Photo / Special.

Trivana NewsThe Lego Batman Movie Trailer Introduced Online | Trailer Lego Batman movie The first movie has been released online. This film introduces the character of the Joker with Robin who looks not like any other.

In this film, Will Arnett back to being the voice of the mini-sized Batman alongside Zach Galifianakis is the voice of the Joker. Meanwhile, Michael Cera voicing the character of Robin.

Reported Aceshowbiz, inspired from the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, when meeting with the Joker, Batman told Superman is the greatest enemy. “Superman is my worst enemy,” he said, followed by a response Joker tears.

Meanwhile, Robin Batman was introduced as a foster child who was kept busy ripping pants that are too tight. “Your biggest fear is back to being part of the family. Sir, you need to be responsible for your life and begin to care for orphaned children you adopt, “said Alfred, assistant Batman.

The film, directed by Chris McKay is a continuation of the movie The Lego Movie and scheduled for release in theaters nationwide beginning February 10, 2017. in his solo adventures, Batman may have to put aside the habit of playing a judge on his own if he wants to save the city from the takeover of the Joker.

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