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The reason painter Van Gogh cut Ear

Trivana News – The reason painter Van Gogh cut Ear | Christmas Eve in 1888. At that time, the day was so cold in the city of Arles in France. Cold as Vincent Van Gogh took the razor that he kept in a drawer and slicing his left earlobe.

Why did he do that? Nobody knows. Several theories circulating maestro was crazy, experiencing alcohol problems until the bitter feud with fellow painter Paul Gauguin. Also, there is a presumption iris ear due to his desire to cuddle mother.

More than 100 years later, Van Gogh’s ear sliced reasons still being debated. Similarly, as quoted from CNN, Sunday (06/11/2016).

However, a recent book offers the latest theory of the motive painter Dutchman: He hears wedding bells.

Van Gogh suffered from a broken heart and decided to slice his ear after receiving a letter that reported his brother, Theo would marry. It was raised by an art expert, Martin Bailey in his book “Studio of the South: Van Gogh in Provence.”

“The news sparked Van Gogh broken heart. Fear abandoned both emotional and financial,” said Bailey.

The reason painter Van Gogh cut Ear

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Some historians ignore that theory. They assume that the wedding news Theo much happened after the episode iris ear. But Bailey did not agree.

“There are many other theories. But I see the fact that there was a wedding news reached him that day,” explained Bailey.

“It’s a matter of collecting user alone. We did not have the letter, but there was another letter sent by Van Gogh in January that he mentioned had received the money from his brother on December 23,” he explained.

Bailey believed the money came along with news that Theo and art dealer, Jo Bonger engaged.

Called Theo wrote to his mother two days earlier and wanted to share his story with his brother before he knew of others.

Theo Van Gogh and very close. He is also very dependent financially to it. Marriage was made Van Gogh thought would ruin their relationship.

“If you look even further, there is the possibility of jealousy. Theo successfully received temporary soul mate, Vincent failed to maintain relations romance,” Bailey wrote in the book.

The book was the focus of the life of Van Gogh in Arles, southern France where the maestro lived in the house that he called ‘Yellow House’. There is also, Van Gogh fell in love with bright colors.

The reason painter Van Gogh cut Ear

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“The environment is bright in the south opened his eyes for the use of light and color. He has not been so dramatic and daring. It was a period of great creativity, and the first time she got home,” said Bailey.

But for the ‘ear’, a reader’s attention.

“It’s the story of Van Gogh that everyone wants to know. I have to include the story in this book,” said Bailey told CNN.

“There is enormous public interest, both now and well past, when newspapers wrote about the moment.”


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Van Gogh cut off his ear after wearing a beret and ‘dragged’ him to a brothel nearby to give ear clipped leaves, wrapped in paper, to a young woman recently identified as Gabrielle Berlatier.

After Berlatier fainted on the spot when he saw the ear, Van Gogh escapes – and the ensuing chaos caused an uproar in the local press.

Bailey wrote that Van Gogh describes the event as “a simple artist’s bout of insanity.”

But while the wound healed, deformed ears look terrible and become a reminder of what has been done, painters.

Wedding news Only Trigger

While the news of marriage encouraged the spirit of Van Gogh to the brink, Bailey told CNN it was not the only catalyst.

“There is still much debate about medical issues Van Gogh, and there are thousands of papers in medical journals. The wedding was just the trigger,” the authors said.

While doctors believe the artist suffered from epilepsy. Experts latest show absinthe poisoning, alcoholism, bipolar disorder, and sunburn among other factors. There is no consensus.

Hurt themselves may also be a defense of the artist to seek help.

According to Bailey, there is a letter in 1893 that addresses the medical records of Van Gogh. In it is mentioned, the Dutch impressionist painter becomes “prey auditory hallucinations”. Disconnect the ear may be a vain attempt to silence the voices.


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