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Top 10 Best and Worst Jobs in 2015

TrivanaNews.comTop 10 Best and Worst Jobs in 2015, Job sites in the United States, CareerCast released the type of work the best and worst in the world.

Best and worst indicators which are based on salary, work environment, and stress levels.

As a result, this type of work as the best actuarial occupy. Actuaries is the work of financial and statistical apply knowledge to solve business problems. An actuary is able to analyze financial future.

“Actuaries are in the first place. People who are dealing with financially able to reap huge revenues,” Tony Lee, publisher of, as quoted from page

Audilog are in second place, followed by mathematicians, and statistics.

As for the worst types of jobs occupied by pengatar letter, firefighters and taxi drivers.

Here are 10 of the best and worst jobs in the world of research version

Top 10 Best and Worst Jobs in 2015

Top 10 Best and Worst Jobs in 2015


1. Actuaries US94,209
2. audiologist US71,133
3. Experts mathematics US102,182
4. Statistical Experts US79,191
5. Biomedical Engineer US89,165
6. Data Scientist US124,149
7. Dentists US71,102
8. Software Engineer US9U3,113
9. Therapist $ US77,114
10. Computer Systems Analyst US81,150


1. Reporter newspaper US36,267
2. Carpenter US34,110
3. MiliterUS28,840
4. Cook US42,208
5. Broadcaster US55,380
6. Photographers US29,267
7. Warden US39,163
8. The taxi driver US23,118
9. Firefighters US45,264
10. The mailman US41,068

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