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Top 10 Sexiest Eyes Nation Men World – Top 10 Sexiest Eyes Nation Men World Want to know where the sexiest nation in the eyes of men around the world? Turns out survey conducted by dating sites, sexiest nation is the US.

This poll involved 41,000 men from a number of countries have put the beauty of American women as the most-desirable. With examples kinds of Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and Emma Stone from this country, it’s no wonder why American women came out as champions.

Top 10 Sexiest Eyes Nation Men World

Top 10 Sexiest Eyes Nation Men World

Top 10 Sexiest Eyes Nation Men World

Surprisingly, women Armenia is in second place in the poll. Party suspect selfie star Kim Kardashian, who is a descendant of Armenia to be the cause of all this.

While Canada, the country of origin Avril Lavigne, and Cuba in the third and fourth positions. Following Colombia is in the fifth position. Perhaps inspired hip hop singer, Shakira huh?

Neighboring many print world beauty queen, Philippines occupies the sixth position, followed by Barbados native Rihanna who is coming in seventh position. Then, in succession, Australia Britain and Italy took positions eight, nine and 10.

According to the males surveyed, ‘characters face’ and ‘hair color’ as the main reason they are about the sexiness of women.

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