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Trump wins, Muslim Americans Fear Wear Hijab

Trivana News – Trump wins, Muslim Americans Fear Wear Hijab | Some Muslim Americans claimed to fear for their freedom to worship. One was for Muslim women to wear the veil.

Social media is flooded with comments concern and ‘condolences’ to the Muslims in the US. They felt insecure when Republican leadership office.

One worry is Sarah Magdy. “Do groping women wearing hijab would be legal and so criminal in the US ?” he said in @SEKSEKAS account.

Trump wins, Muslim Americans Fear Wear Hijab

Trump wins, Muslim Americans Fear Wear Hijab

© Muslim American / illustration

One celebrity social media with Twitter account @Ascia_AKF also expressed concern. “Okay, so bloggers hijab which will launch the tutorial makes the hair look like a scarf when outdoors in the US ?” he said.

Another hijab admitted a fear of this day is the last day to feel safe to wear a veil. An account said that since Trump forwards a candidate, he was abused as many as three times in 30 days.

Though he had no problem in hijab since the seventh grade. On the other hand, many Muslims are mutually reinforcing. That Trump will not change their principles for the use of the hijab.

“Do not be afraid to use the hijab, Allah will protect you,” he said. @Chimmyq Account says he will actually make her shawl more visible. “I’m a black Muslim, hooded, and proud,” he said.

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