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US Prepares Massive Cyber ​​Attack to Russia

US Prepares Massive Cyber Attack to Russia

US Prepares Massive Cyber Attack to Russia

US Prepares Massive Cyber Attack to Russia

Trivana News – US Prepares Massive Cyber Attack to Russia | WASHINGTON – A confidential document leaked to the public and reveal if a hacker United States (US) is ready to launch a massive cyber attack. Leaking of confidential documents have occurred amid fears the Kremlin disrupt next week’s US presidential election.

Secret documents and an intelligence official has said Washington has penetrated the Russian electricity grid, telecommunications networks and the command system of the Kremlin. This secret document was first published by NBC News.

The secret files confirm that if the US had prepared the battlefield. The US reportedly has left the virus malware on the key infrastructure that will enable the military to completely shut down the ability of war Vladimir Putin as quoted by the Express , Sunday (11/06/2016).

The former commander of NATO, Admiral James Stavridis said the US is ready to respond to any Russian attack. “I think there are three things we must do if we see cyberwar significant,” he said.

“The first is obviously opposed to it. The second is revealed: We should publish what has happened so that every sort of trickery this virtual world could be revealed. and third, we must respond. our response must be proportionate, “he added.

the report comes amid warnings from uS military officials said Russia should not interfere in the elections next week. Hacker Guccifer 2.0, which is called the US military as an agent of a Russian spy, last week issued a peringatakan terrible if they would observe the elections “from within the system.”

The US has previously accused Moscow of trying to influence the election, including mereta email Democrat and believes not only the state it is the target of attacks. Hundreds of hackers under the command of Vladimir Putin launched an attack believed to be the secret to a number of institutions in the UK such as banks and government server, according to the National Crime Agency.

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