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Victory Speech, US Call Trump Owe Budi to Clinton

Trivana News – Victory Speech, US Call Trump Owe Budi to Clinton | United States President-elect Donald Trump asking the American people to put aside all the heated debate in the campaign ahead of the vote and together build the country. He also called the United States owes Hillary Clinton.

“It’s time to put aside all differences and together build the United States,” said Trump on Wednesday in the presidential election victory speech in front of supporters in New York, as reported in a live broadcast channel Washington Post .

Trump would be the oldest president ever elected in the United States at the age of 70 years. Meanwhile, his wife, Melania, is the second immigrant who managed to stay in the White House as the first lady. Donald Trump beat his rival Democrat Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election by winning at least 276 electoral votes.

Victory Speech, US Call Trump Owe Budi to Clinton

© AP Photo / Patrick Semansky presidential candidate Donald Trump United States and Hillary Clinton shake hands after the second presidential debate at Washington University, St Louis, Sunday, October 9, 2016.

Clinton said the Clinton campaign manager would not admit defeat in a speech today and urged his supporters to keep waiting until all the votes are counted. “Clinton has called me and congratulate us all on this historic win,” said Trump. “We are indebted to Clinton because he has served for 30 years for the country. But now is the time to make the United States a great back,” he said.

Trump won the vote in several states with a tendency to float and not a traditional territories Republicans and Democrats and has always been key in winning the presidency, such as Ohio and Florida. Trump even surprisingly also seized a number of states that are expected by a poll of the Washington Post , will be won safely by Clinton as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Iowa. In 2012, the five states above were won by President Barack Obama from the Democratic Party.

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