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Who is Khalid Masood, Performer London Terror Attacks?

Trivana News | Who is Khalid Masood, Performer London Terror Attacks? – Perpetrators of the attack on the British parliament was never examined domestic intelligence service, MI5, related to the activities of “extremism”.

Who is Khalid Masood, Performer London Terror Attacks?

Who is Khalid Masood, Performer London Terror Attacks?

However, Khalid Masood (52) and is not considered a threat and escaped from the supervision authorities to perform an action on Wednesday (22/03/2017).

Masood, called Scotland Yard inspired ISIS when performing that action, born with the name Adrian Elms and is believed to be radicalized while he was in prison.

His past is filled with violence. Previous records began in 2000 when he was in prison when the wounded face of a man after the two engaged in debate nuanced racial.

In 2003, when 39-year-old Masood, he returned to deal with the law of life after stabbing stabbed a young man 22 years old.

As a result of his actions, the victim suffered serious injuries on his face and had to undergo plastic surgery.

Masood, who was living in the coastal town in Sussex, was also charged with two counts of possession of a weapon, namely a knife and a club, and had to undergo imprisonment in the case.

Although Masood escaped the radar of security forces, the interior minister Amber Rudd requested that the British intelligence services indirectly blamed as the cause of the tragedy.

“The fact that he (Masood) is identified, it does not mean then he was under surveillance for 24 hours,” said Amber.

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard said there were no reports that any intelligence-related signs Masood to carry out an attack.

However, Scotland Yard finally admitted that the name of Khalid Masood was not his real name.

In addition to killing a police officer, Masood action at Westminster was also killed Aysha Frade (43), a teacher and mother of two children.

In addition, a US tourist who was celebrating his wedding anniversary 25th, Kurt Cochran (54) was also killed in action Masood.

One other person, the 75-year-old man died in hospital on Thursday (23/03/2017) night.

Meanwhile, police also arrested Masood’s wife, Rohey Hydara (39) at the Olympic Park, East London along with seven others.

Seven other people were detained by police were two girls aged 21 and 26 years and five men aged 23-58 years. The seven were arrested in Birmingham.

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